The Story Of Billy

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Whose Dog?


Did Someone Say "Billy"?

I contacted Yridian to see if I could drop off some of his toys and food. She agreed, and when I saw her I could tell she had her hands full. She had 3 dogs and 2 cats and Billy was not getting along with the other dogs. She also had a young toddler and I could tell that she had a hard time managing all of the animals and her child. She said Billy had not eaten for the last 3 days and was getting worried.

Over the next few days, we kept in touch. Billy still had not been eating. Deyse and I were very concerned and attempted to buy him from her. She was not willing to sell him to us and informed us that Billy was a gift to her husband by his mother, and was his favorite pet. They had been searching for him for over a year and were not willing to part with him. We then offered her $600 for him, to which she simply laughed at the low-ball offer, but offered to sell one of her other dogs that did not like Billy.

I kept going back to the home every few days to take treats for Billy and to see if they had changed their minds. I got the feeling that her husband worked long hours doing hard work and with the right offer they might be willing to part with Billy. So one day I stopped at the bank and picked up $1,500. I offered the money and counted the bills in front of her on her dining table. She and her husband discussed the offer and decided they would be willing to part with him for $2,000. I rushed to the bank to get the rest of the cash. She handed a little piece of paper to indicate that she had sold the dog to us for $2,000 and put her name and phone number on it. I grabbed Billy, and rushed out the door before she changed her mind. I then took Billy to work to surprise Deyse. He jumped on her and could not stop licking and leaning into her. They have been inseparable ever since.


From underdog to BOSS

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